La ferme du Marais

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La ferme du Marais

Post by La Ferme du Marais on Mon 26 Oct 2015 - 21:24

Hello every body, most of you know us as Mr and Mrs Berthe.

We are located at Grand Anse Mahé, just below La Misère after the Petrol Station.

We already have 3 hives and want to go further.

We had follow the training in Beekeeping from the 19 to 23 October 2015, and get good knowledge in Beekeeping that we want to share with whoever wants.

We are also ready to help to create and participate in the creation of a Seychelles Beekeepers Association and will make all the energy to fulfill it.
La Ferme du Marais

Number of Hives : 3
Organisation : ECMS
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Date d'inscription : 2015-10-26
Age : 4
Localisation : Grand Anse Mahé

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