Farmers complete training in beekeeping

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Farmers complete training in beekeeping

Post by La Ferme du Marais on Tue 27 Oct 2015 - 21:52

An article in the Nation of 27/10/2015 wrote:
Thirty-four certified beekeepers have received their certificates after completing a three-day intensive training in this field.
The training was part of a project implemented in the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius, Comoros, Seychelles and Zanzibar (Tanzania) by the International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology (Icipe) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (Ifad).
For some time in Seychelles, a small number of farmers have realised the important role bees can play in agricultural production and have themselves started keeping bees on their farms.
Michel Dogley started keeping bees a few years back but didn’t know how to manage the beehives.
“A few years back I developed an interest in beekeeping. I had one beehive that brought me a lot of honey but I didn’t know how to manage it,” he said.
He said after the three-day training he has gained information and techniques on how to manage the beehives.
“I really appreciated the three-day training. Now I will be able to manage my beehives properly. It is a long-term business that will benefit the country in the long-run. Fruits and vegetables need bees to be able to grow, that is why we need to manage bees otherwise we will always have to import vegetables and fruits from other countries. Bees play a key role in our eco-system,” he noted.
Michel Nalletamby, principal secretary in the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture, said this project will open doors to a new business venture.
“More than just a new business, this project will help with the pollination of plants. The agricultural sector will benefit more from the bees,” he said.
He added it is vital that farmers do not use insecticides while doing beekeeping.
He pointed out that the beekeeping business can be very successful if well managed.
“The beekeeping business can become a successful industry if well managed. We can sell honey on the international market. Maybe in the years to come a Seychellois living abroad will be able to buy honey produced in the Seychelles,” he pointed out.
The project coordinator Georges Bibi said the turnout for the three-day training was very good.
“I am very satisfied with the turn-out as it was a first training of its kind,” Mr Bibi said.
He added that the farmers will be monitored to assess whether they have grasped the knowledge gained in the training.
A similar training is being held this week for beekeepers on Praslin and La Digue.
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